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About Meyers & Meyers, LLP

Based in Albany, New York and serving a diverse clientele across the State of New York, Meyers & Meyers, LLP, represents individuals and businesses in a wide variety of legal practice areas.

David W. and Richard M. Meyers

David W. and Richard M. Meyers

Since the practice was founded in 1960 by Richard M. Meyers, Esq., our attorneys place the highest emphasis on providing high-quality legal representation. We create personal relationships with our clients so we can fully understand and appreciate their needs. As a result, we are able to develop and implement an appropriate course of action to meet their legal needs.Our reputation is extremely well-regarded within the judiciary and the community at-large. We help individuals and corporations locally, nationally and internationally as they face a variety of legal issues, including matters related to employment and business-related immigration, banking, real estate, estates and trusts, hospitality law, construction and development, and more.

The success of our business is a result of community involvement, a dedication to education, a passion for politics and shear motivation.  Check out our story and some great historical photos on our timeline at the Meyers & Meyers facebook page.

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